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I’m Jill, Certified Life, & Weight Coach, and I am glad you found me.   How lovely to meet you.

I am passionate about helping women like me, learn how to embrace this next stage of life so that they begin living the life they desire and deserve with confidence, style, grace, and authenticity.

I know what it takes to completely revamp your outlook on life, make lasting changes, and live life on purpose.

Today, at 55 I have never felt more alive or more authentically me.  I live more boldly, more confidently, and most importantly I am extremely comfortable in my skin. 

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I’m Jill, a Certified Life, and Weight Coach.

Like a butterfly, I have come out of my cocoon and completely changed my life, my relationships, and my self-style.

I know what it takes to change an Ordinary Life into an Extraordinary One. Simply by shifting your outlook on life, you can create lasting transformations in all areas of your life, and the life you dreamed of on purpose.

Today I live more boldly, more confidently, and most importantly I am extremely comfortable in my skin.

Free Coaching

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I’ve been a CPA and fitness instructor for as long as I can remember, but for the last 10 years, I have been moving in a different direction. I have become the person that I never really believed I could be.  Turns out stepping out of your comfort zone really does make you grow into a better version of yourself. Here's the dirty little secret they never taught us in school...

It doesn't matter what other people think about you or your abilities, the only person's opinion that matters about you is YOURS. You have a choice, you can continue to believe all the things they taught you growing up and live the same ole same ole, OR you can decide to live on purpose. Yup, you get to choose how you want to live, and what you want to believe is possible for you.

I have made HUGE positive changes in my life, and now all I want to do is help others start their own self-discovery journey so that they can live life full-on confidently and boldly as their most authentic self.

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