Feeling Confident Over Fifty, Age is just a number...

So many people get caught up in their age...

but folks - it is just a number.... really.

And to be honest, it is what it is. So worrying about it, or fretting over getting older isn't doing anything other than wasting your time, AND worrying about it is aging you (don't you know worrying causes wrinkles!) lol.

Besides, it's much better than the alternative?  Don't you agree?

Just let it go.  Recognize the value of the wisdom you have gained over the years, and respect it.  Appreciate it. Value it. 

Remember, life is meant to be fun.  At all ages.

So have fun.  Laugh. Sing.  Dance. or do whatever it is that brings you joy.  As Nike says, "Just Do it!"  Enjoy yourself. Today. Now. Yes Now!

Pick up a new hobby or sport, learn a new language or book that vacation you have always dreamed about. Do something that makes you feel alive, because you know what? You're NOT dead yet, so let's stop acting like we have one foot in the grave. 

If that isn't you, well then good.  Unfortunately, it is true for so many women I know over 50. They see themselves as "middle-aged" or over the hill, and too old to learn something new, or to do this or do that. And the next thing you know they've talked themselves out of a whole lot of fun. Really. 

"I've always said that I will never let an old person into my body. That is I don't believe in "thinking old." Don't program yourself to break down as you age with your thoughts that "decline is inevitable" - Wayne Dyer, I couldn't agree with you more sir.

Where your attention goes, your energy grows, so if you have a negative dialogue with yourself daily about your decline, you are putting unnecessary resistance and negativity in your life.  What we think about we bring about. #truth

So focus your attention on what you can do, focus on the fun and excitement you  DO have in your life.  Be GRATEFUL for the life you DO have.  And remember, it ain't over til the Fat Lady Sings. You still have a lotta living to do. So get out there and live!

Treat your body well. It is your temple.  Move your body, yes get some exercise, you will thank me later. Eat healthy yummy food,  yes healthy food is yummy. Have a glass of wine, not a bottle... (yes I said that!). 

All I am saying is check yourself. If you hear yourself complaining about your age, then stop it, PLEASE - it doesn't do you any good.  The moment you notice yourself saying "I'm too old" or, "Oh, I am getting old." or anything of that nature, immediately re-frame that thought or statement and find something, ANYTHING positive going on in your life.  The more frequently you reinforce the positive aspects of your life, the more you free yourself from the bondage of the negative belief that just because you are getting older your life is declining.  That's a bogus belief that needs to be booted to the curb. 

Your life is what you make of it, and don't forget, it is NEVER too late to make some necessary changes to make it better.

Please remember, to Love, Laugh and most of all Learn to Live Boldly




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It's free.  

- Jill

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