I will honor my time commitment and schedule all of my sessions within one week of purchase. If I am unable to attend a session, I will cancel and reschedule within 24 hours of my appointment or forfeit my session.

I understand that my results are directly related to my commitment to myself to complete the online program, to do the work, and be all in. I will participate fully in the program, by going through each module, by doing the homework, the thought downloads, and the daily models on myself, and most importantly I promise to be coachable. 

This is my commitment to myself to create more confidence in my life and to become the person I know I can be. 

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6 Week Coaching Package

1-on-1 Coaching Will Change Your Life.

During our first session, we get crystal clear on why you signed up for coaching, and what result you want to achieve.  Then we make a plan.

We meet every week and develop strategies to overcome obstacles in your way, and in six short weeks a new you will emerge.

You will notice you have become more intentional and certain about your direction in life. As a result, you will be Living Boldly, More Confidently, and Comfortably In Your Skin.