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I understand that my results are directly related to my commitment to myself to complete the online program, to do the work, and be all in. I will participate fully in the program, by going through each module, by doing the homework, the thought downloads, and the daily models and most importantly I promise to be coachable. 

This is my commitment to myself to create more confidence in my life to become the person I know I can be. 

The Program alone is amazing, however, adding one-on-one coaching to the program takes your experience to the next level.

Test out a free 45-minute session with me to see just how effective working with me can be on your success in this program.

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Living Boldly Program

Are you ready to take your life to the next level? To make big decisions, set amazing goals with the confidence necessary to know you are doing exactly what you need to be doing to have the life you have always imagined.

Some Praise from my clients:

I first joined Dump the Frump earlier this year. My motto has always been “I refuse to age gracefully; I’m fighting “being old” every step of the way”. I turned 70 in April, and I still feel vibrant, energized, and engaged on the inside. I want my “outside” to match my “inside”; I want to not only be my best on the inside, but I also want to be my best on the outside as well. Frump is both external and internal. Jill’s really made me take my thoughts captive and be far more mindful. The self-coaching model was an “aha/lightbulb” moment. It has been empowering. I can’t wait to see what is coming next!

Deidre B.

When I first signed up for Jill Romig’s free Confidence Challenge I wasn’t sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised by her positive energy and her own personal confidence. I was interested in learning more, so I decided to take her Living Boldly at Any Age course. Jill did not disappoint with the content of the units or her professional presentations. Jill Romig would be a great choice if selecting a Life Coach for any reason.

Mimi S.

I have been struggling with changes in both my personal and professional life and coaching with Jill has helped me to see how my thoughts truly are creating my results and that awareness has led to shifts in my thinking that have helped me to stop resisting reality and reduce the internal drama that was sucking so much of my mental energy.

Tracy P.

I have always been the person who thought I could "work out" all my "stuff" on my own... Well, Jill has shown me the light! Life coaching has become a part of my daily life.

Tricia B.

Jill made it easy to see exactly what was holding me back... we uncovered things that weren't even clear to myself! She has helped me find ease in my success.

Michelle A.

Jill helped me see that my thoughts are choices and that I can choose which thoughts I want to think on purpose.

Laura C.